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Regulations of the Academic Senate

Part I. Students

Title I. General Provisions

Title II. Undergraduate Students

Title III. Graduate Students

Part II. Admission

Title I. Academic Colleges

Chapter 1. Publication of Admission Requirements

Chapter 2. Admission to Freshman Standing

Article 1. Submission of Test Scores
Article 2. Submission of Academic Records
Article 3. Minimum Requirements for Admission for Graduates of Secondary Schools in California
Article 4. Admission of Candidates Other than Graduates of Secondary Schools in California

Chapter 3. Campus Selection of Freshman Applicants

Chapter 4. Admission to Advanced Standing

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Language Credit for Native Languages Other than English

Chapter 5. Admission to Special Status and to Limited Status

Chapter 6. Transfer of Students

Title II. Graduate Division

Chapter 1. General Requirements for Admission

Chapter 2. Examination of English for Foreign Students

Title III. Registration

Part III. Colleges, Schools, and Graduate Divisions

Title I. General Provisions

Title II. Curricula

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Residence
Article 2. Credit by Examination
Article 3. Special Honorary Degrees for Students enrolled in Academic Year 1941-1942

Chapter 2. Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree

Article 1. General Requirements
Article 2. Candidacy for a Second Bachelor's Degree

Chapter 3. Requirements for Higher Degrees

Article 1. General Provisions, Regulations as to Residence and Length of Study
Article 2. Master of Arts and Master of Science

Chapter 4. Diplomas and Certificates

Title III. Courses

Chapter 1. Definition of Courses

Chapter 2. Classification of Courses

Chapter 3. Persons in Charge of Courses

Chapter 4. Credit in Courses

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Examinations
Article 3. Grades

Chapter 5. University Extension Credit Courses

Article 1. Approval of Courses
Article 2. Persons in Charge of Courses
Article 3. Degree Credit for Courses

Part IV. Scholarship Regulations

Title I. Undergraduate Regulations

Title II. General Provisions

Title III. Graduate Regulations

Part V. Status on Withdrawal