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Regulations of the Academic Senate

Part IV. Scholarship Regulations

Title I. Undergraduate Regulations

  • 900.
    1. The following minimum provisions or their equivalents, as ratified by the Assembly, govern the scholastic status of undergraduate students as indicated in strictly internal University records [see Regulations 782 and 902]: (Am 24 May 00)
      1. Academic Probation. An undergraduate student is normally subject to academic probation (a) if at the end of any term the student's grade-point average for that term, or the student's cumulative grade-point average, is less than 2.0 (C average) computed on the total of all courses undertaken in the University (however, see paragraph (E) below); or (b) by other provisions approved by the Assembly.
      2. Academic Disqualification. An undergraduate student is subject to disqualification for further registration in the University (a) if at the end of any term the student's grade-point average for that term is less than 1.5 (however, see paragraph (E) below), or (b) if the student has completed two consecutive terms on academic probation without achieving a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 as provided above.
    2. Each Division of the Academic Senate, or each School or College within a Division, may establish minimum standards of progress towards completion of the baccalaureate degree, but only on the basis of academic regulations adopted by the Division.
      1. Such regulations may not require a student to complete more than an average of 15 units of academic credit for each quarter or semester of enrollment.
      2. The scholastic status, with respect to probation or disqualification, of a student who has failed to meet such minimum standards of progress shall be as stipulated in the academic regulations of the Division.
      1. An undergraduate student on academic probation or subject thereto is under such supervision as the Faculty of that student's college or school may determine. Continued registration of an undergraduate student subject to academic disqualification is at the discretion of the Faculty concerned, or its authorized agent, and is subject to such conditions as that Faculty may impose.
      2. Undergraduate students in particular schools or colleges may be subject to more stringent norms with respect to academic probation or disqualification, but only on the basis of regulations adopted by a Division of the Senate and approved by the Assembly of the Senate.
    3. To transfer from one campus of the University to another, or from one college or school to another on the same campus, a student who has been academically disqualified or is on academic probation must obtain the approval of the Faculty, or its designated agent, to whose jurisdiction transfer is sought. Upon completion of the transfer the student is subject to the supervision specified in paragraph (C).
    4. Each Division may enact legislation governing the use of the grade Incomplete in the determination of a student's scholastic status.
    5. Divisional variances from this regulation must be approved by the Assembly. (Am 16 Mar 71)

Title II. General Provisions

  • 902.
    1. Faculties, Graduate or other Councils, and their designated agents may not authorize the permanent entry of the terms Subject to Academic Disqualification and Academic Probation on official transcripts of record except as authorized by the Assembly in the case of designated professional schools.

      These terms shall be reserved for internal University use, except that a statement of the student's current academic status shall accompany a transcript of record when the latter is sent outside the University [see Regulation 902(D) below]. Designations of unsatisfactory scholastic status [see Regulation 900(B)] on transcripts are authorized only when a review of the performance of a student who has become academically deficient has resulted in final denial of registration for the next ensuing quarter by a Faculty, a Graduate or other Council, or their agents. (Am 3 Mar 77)

    2. On campuses having authorized variances from the grading system specified in Senate Regulation 780, the scholarship requirements stated in (D) below shall be interpreted in terms of the approved equivalents specified in the legislation of the local Senate Division as ratified by the Assembly.
    3. In the case of undergraduates, exceptions to these scholarship regulations, and the approval or denial of registration as hereinafter provided, may be authorized in individual instances only by the Faculty concerned, or by its designated agents. Annually, the appropriate officer of each college shall report to the Faculty concerned a summary of all actions taken under these regulations.
    4. An undergraduate student is in scholastic good standing if not subject to academic probation or disqualification as defined in Regulation 900(A). Any transcript of record transmitted to a person or agency outside the University shall be accompanied by a statement of the student's scholastic standing on the date of the transcript or the date on which he left the University. (Am 17 Nov 70)

Title III. Graduate Regulations

  • 904. Disqualification of graduate students is at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate Division concerned. {See Legislative Ruling 6.06.}