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Shane White

Shane White

2017-18 Academic Senate Chair

Shane White is a Professor in the Section of Endodontics in the Constitutive & Regenerative Sciences at UCLA's School of Dentistry. He is also a faculty member of UCLA's Center for Esthetic Dentistry and of the Center for Craniofacial and Molecular Biology at the USC School of Dentistry. A native of Ireland, White received his dental training from Trinity College Dublin. He spent several years in private practice and part-time teaching in Dublin before moving to California, where he received a master's degree in Oral Biology and residency training in prosthodontics as well as in endodontics from UCLA, and a PhD in Craniofacial Biology from USC. His current research interests include dental biological materials, genetic-structural relationships in enamel, and in patient-centered endodontic outcomes. He has won several major awards for his research.

Professor White's impressive record of Senate service has focused largely on faculty welfare and budgetary issues. Most recently, he was 2015-16 chair of the University Committee on Planning and Budget. He also served for ten years on the University Committee on Faculty Welfare, including a year as chair in 2009-10. He was a member of UCFW's Health Care Task Force and a member and chair of UCFW's Task Force on Investment and Retirement. He was a Senate representative to the finance workgroup of President Yudof's 2009-2010 Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits and to President Napolitano's 2015-16 Retirement Options Task Force. He also served the UCRS Advisory Board as a two-time chair.

In addition to his systemwide service, White has a notable record of Senate and departmental service at UCLA, where he served four terms as chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee and on the Committee on University Emeriti and Pre-Retirement Relations, the Council of Senate & FEC Chairs, the Legislative General Assembly, the Senate Executive Board, and the Council on Planning and Budget. He has also chaired the Section of Endodontics in the UCLA School of Dentistry, and is the Director of Integrative Education in the Division of Constitutive and Regenerative Sciences.

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