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Academic Council Special Committee on Lab Issues (ACSCOLI) Roster

Academic Council Special Committee on Lab Issues (acscoli) Roster

Representation Name Department
Michael Todd
Structural Engineering
Member At Large - UCI
Eric Mjolsness
Computer Science
Member At Large - UCLA
William Newman
Physical Sciences
Member At Large - UCM
Peggy O'Day
School of Natural Sciences
Member At Large - UCR
Q. Jason Cheng
Member At Large - UCSB
Irene J. Beyerlein
Mechanical Engineering/Materials
Member At Large - UCSC
Darrell D.E. Long
Computer Science
Ex Officio, Academic Council Chair
Susan D. Cochran
Academic Senate
Ex Officio, Academic Council Vice Chair
James Steintrager
Academic Senate
Ex Officio, UCD
Robert L. Powell
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Ex Officio, UCSB
Ram Seshadri
Chemistry & Biochemistry
UCORP Representative
Gert Cauwenberghs
UCPB Representative (Spring)
Kevin Mitchell
Committee Analyst
Joanne Miller
Academic Senate
Kathleen Erwin
Director, UC Research Initiatives
Craig Leasure
Vice President, UC National Laboratories
Monica Lin
Academic Senate
Theresa Maldonado
Vice President for Research & Innovation

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