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Student Representatives to Systemwide Committees

Role of Student Representatives

The Systemwide Office of Student Affairs, in coordination with its campus counterparts, provides opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the deliberations of selected committees of the Senate, in accordance with the Senate Bylaw 128.E.  Interested students are appointed for a one-year term and attend meetings as non-voting participants.  Student representatives are encouraged to solicit comments from their peers on the student-related issues that are taken under review by their respective committees.  Student representatives are typically excluded from deliberations that are carried out in executive session, but may be invited to participate on the majority vote of the committee.

Applying to be a Student Representative

The Office of Student Affairs, working in collaboration with the UC Student Association (UCSA) and with committee staff, facilitates the official appointment of students to systemwide committees and supports student participation by funding student transportation costs associated with attendance at committee meetings. Students who serve on systemwide committees represent all UC students and are nominated by UCSA. Please visit the UCSA website for a description of each committee's charge and to apply as an undergraduate or graduate student representative. For more information about student participation on systemwide committees, please contact George Zamora in the Office of Student Affairs.