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The University of California and Higher Education
Its Mission, History, and Goals

An Academic Symposium in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of
the UC Academic Senate

To be held October/November 2018 in Oakland, CA; Date and venue TBA

The Academic Senate of the University of California is organizing a symposium in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Academic Senate and of the UC faculty. The symposium will feature lectures and panel discussions focused on mission, history and goals of the University, and will showcase the diversity and breadth of UC faculty research and knowledge.

 Stay tuned to for more details as the event approaches.

Symposium Themes:

  1. The Evolution of Shared Governance and the Historic and Present Role of the Academic Senate
  2. New UC Campuses in the Context of Shifting California Demographics and Politics
  3. Reflections on Free Speech and Academic Freedom, Past and Present
  4. The Master Plan: Access, Equity and the Social Contract for Higher Education


For additional information, please contact: