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In Memoriam

Siegfried Schaible

Professor of Management, Emeritus

UC Riverside
Professor Siegfried Schaible was born to Karl and Lina Schaible in Marburg, Germany during WWII. After high school graduation, he attended the University of Mainz where he met his future wife, Ingrid. They married in 1967. Siegfried studied mathematics and physics and finished two PhDs at the University of Cologne. In 1979 Siegfried took his wife and three kids and immigrated to Canada where he taught at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1987 he took a full-time tenured position at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UC Riverside in California.

Professor Schaible served on many important committees for the Anderson Graduate School of Management.  He was once Chair of the Faculty for the School and chaired important search committees that successfully recruited rookie assistant professors who eventually got tenured at UCR. Those include Yasushi Masuda (tenured and later moved to Keio University in Japan) and Mohsen ElHafsi (tenured and later promoted to full professor in School of Business).

Professor Schaible was one of the pioneers and world leaders of Generalized Convexity and Generalized Monotonicity and the creator of an international scientific association Working Group on Generalized Convexity (WGGC). Siegfried is dearly remembered by many members of WGGC, not only for his major contributions to the topics of generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity, but also because of the special traits that made his personality so warm and unique. Siegfried attended all international symposia on generalized convexity, starting from the first one in Vancouver, Canada, back in 1980; During all these years, he was the main driving force of the group; he devoted most of his energy and his time to the benefit of the group. He always insisted on the necessity to avoid exclusions, by ensuring a good geographical distribution and promoting diversity in the topics studied.

He was a true scholar, thoughtful, wise and very respectful to his colleagues. Professor Schaible's research made a great impact in several fields starting with his early work on Fractional Programming and ending with his work on Generalized Convexity. Throughout his career, his work has generated over 6900 citations. Professor Schaible was one of the few, in the University of California, to be elected AAAS-Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in 1998.

In his 20 years with the School of Business at UCR, Professor Schaible taught multiple courses in the area of Management, including graduate courses “Quantitative Methods in Management” and  “Decision Making Under Uncertainty”. In addition, he spent many years traveling and teaching at universities all over the world. He wrote for and edited many scientific journals and books in his field of expertise, Generalized Convexity. In his spare time Siegfried enjoyed reading theology, taking pictures, playing the violin and exploring the outdoors. Siegfried was a widower for 11 years. After his retirement from UCR in 2006, he moved to Taiwan to teach at Chung Yuan Christian University. He is survived by his siblings in Germany Dieter Schaible and Waltraut Kippenberger; his daughter and son-in-law Sue and Frank Suranyi of Camarillo, CA; his grandchildren Hannah, Joel, Elyse, Emme and Isabelle; his son and daughter-in-law John and Christy Schaible of Santa Ana, CA; his grandchildren Cody and Serena; and his daughter Rickie Schaible of Poway, CA.

This memorial was prepared by Alexander Barinov, Assistant Professor of Finance at the UCR School of Business, with information from the School of Business archives and Siegfried’s colleagues at the School of Business, as well as information from the memorial webpage for Siegfried Schaible at the website of Working Group on Generalized Convexity (WGGC).