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In Memoriam

Glen H. Cannell

Professor of Soil Physics, Emeritus

UC Riverside
Professor Glen Cannell was born on August 5, 1919 in Abraham, UT and passed away on May 21, 2012 in Riverside, CA. He was promoted to Full Professor in the newly formed College of Agriculture at UCR in 1961. Professor Cannell stood at the origins of UCR’s College of Agriculture, which was established in 1960. Instruction at College of Agriculture started in 1961, and in 1964 Glen Cannell was appointed the assistant dean. The new undergraduate program at College of Agriculture made it feasible to enlarge the former limited graduate program initiated at the time of the expansion and relocation of the small Citrus Experiment Station and the addition of a Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture in 1913. Under the guidance of Dean Alfred M. Boyce and Assistant Dean Glen H. Cannell, College of Agriculture grew rapidly from 30 students in 1961 to 187 students in 1968.

Professor Cannell also directed the summer science training program for talented high school students selected nationwide to attend summer school and engage in university-level research in biological and physical sciences related to agricultural sciences. The seven-week summer program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UCR, included seminars, lectures, demonstrations, and field trips.

This memorial was prepared by Alexander Barinov, Assistant Professor of Finance in the School of Business.