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Universitywide Assembly and Committee Memberships

David Brownstone



Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA)
Start End Representation
9/2002 8/2003 Irvine
Faculty Welfare (UCFW)
Start End Representation
9/2017 8/2023 Ex Officio, TFIR Chair
7/2016 8/2017 Ex Officio - UCRS Advisory Board Faculty Representative
Faculty Welfare Task Force on Investment and Retirement (TFIR)
Start End Representation
2/2017 8/2023 Chair
7/2016 1/2017 Ex Officio, UCRS Advisory Board Member
Planning and Budget (UCPB)
Start End Representation
9/2020 8/2023 Ex Officio, UCFW-TFIR Chair