Senate Source

June 2008


Academic Senate Director to Retire


María Bertero-Barceló, the eyes, ears – and many would say heart – of the Academic Senate for the past ten years, is retiring at the end of June after 15 total years with the Senate and 35 years with UC.


Academic Senate Chair Michael T. Brown laments the loss. “Not only María’s skills, but also her spirit, dedication, and style will be greatly missed,” he says. “It is impossible to overstate how important she has been to the Academic Senate and shared governance and how impossible it will be to replace her. The faculty owe María a great and deep debt of gratitude.”


Bertero-Barceló first joined the University in 1973 as a senior clerk at UC Berkeley. She became director of the Berkeley Senate division in 1993, and in 1998, assumed the role of executive director of the systemwide Senate at the new UCOP building in downtown Oakland. She has worked with two presidents and 11 Senate chairs during her systemwide tenure, and has helped bring the Senate office into the 21st Century by transitioning Senate business to online forums, developing a dynamic organizational structure, and cultivating a cadre of professional analysts.


“Council chairs and committee chairs come and go,” says Chair Brown, “But what remains is the foundation and framework of shared governance represented in large part by this office, led by an executive director who keeps everything in place and highly functional. Maria has a deep understanding of the history of the Senate and how it relates to the administration and The Regents.”


Many of María’s other colleagues, both past and present, also speak highly of her: 

Sandra Weiss, 1997-98 Academic Senate Chair            

Gayle Binion, 2002-03 Academic Senate Chair


Lawrence Pitts, 2003-04 Academic Senate Chair.           

George Blumenthal, UCSC Chancellor and 2004-05 Academic Senate Chair


Linda Fabbri, Executive Officer and Chief of Staff to the Provost


Please join the systemwide Senate in toasting María’s 35 years of UC service and as many more of relaxing and well-deserved retirement!


-- Ken Feer