Senate Source

June 2012

Faculty Passes Memorial to the Regents


Academic Senate members at all 10 UC campuses have voted overwhelmingly (93%) in favor of a Memorial calling on the Regents to support specific ballot measures and legislation to increase state revenues and/or prioritize funding for higher education.


The Memorial notes that falling state revenues and the decreasing fraction of the State’s budget devoted to higher education have led to an 80% rise in tuition in recent years, with student fees now providing UC with more revenue than the State. Funding cuts have resulted in higher student-faculty ratios, larger classes, reduced depth and breadth in course offerings, staff layoffs, and a lack of investment in critical infrastructure.


“The State’s disinvestment has created a crisis that threatens UC’s survival as the leading public University in the world,” notes Academic Senate Chair Robert Anderson. “Memorials are used sparingly and only for matters of great importance, and for UC, there is no matter of greater importance.”


The President will formally present the results to the Regents, most likely at their July meeting.