The Senate Source

August 2015

UC Issues Senate's Recommended Language for APM 210-1-d

New policy language developed by Senate faculty clarifies the intent of the Academic Personnel Manual section governing faculty merit and promotion and strengthens the principle that diversity-related activities are a component of excellence at the University of California.

The modifications to APM 210-1-d recommended by the Academic Council took effect on July 1, following three years of debate and two rounds of systemwide Senate review.

Campus faculty had asked the Senate to consider modifications that would address confusion from campus CAPs about how to interpret its provision regarding the role of contributions to diversity and equal opportunity in the academic personnel process.

In December 2014, after the Academic Council declined to endorse revisions to APM 210-1-d originally proposed by UCAP and UCAAD in 2013, Senate Chair Mary Gilly charged a work group consisting of the chairs of BOARS, UCAAD, UCAP, UCEP, and the UCSD division, to discuss improvements to the wording based on the systemwide Senate responses to the review.

The work group focused its attention on broad agreement by reviewers that faculty efforts in promoting equal opportunity and diversity should be evaluated and credited on the same basis as other contributions, but should not be understood to constitute a “fourth leg” of evaluation, along with research, teaching, and service; and should not receive more credit than others simply on the basis of their subject matter.

The original modification to APM 210-1-d to include recognition of the University’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity occurred in 2005. Those revisions originated with the University Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity and have become a national model for universities to recognize and credit contributions to equal opportunity and diversity while evaluating faculty achievement for appointment, advancement, and promotion.

The work group sought to more clearly communicate the original intent of the language—to ensure that faculty contributions to diversity and equal opportunity receive proper credit in the review process. Council unanimously endorsed the work group’s revision, which was issued by the Office of Academic Personnel following a successful final systemwide review.

“Thanks to the ‘never give up’ attitude of UCAP Chair Jeffrey Knapp and a group of Academic Council members, I am pleased that new language is in place in the APM that clarifies the principle that diversity activities are a component of excellence at the University,” said Senate Chair Gilly.

The revised policy can be found online at: