Senate Source

May 2011

Want to Help?

What Faculty can do to Advocate on Behalf of the UC Budget


UC faculty can do several things to help engage support for the UC budget message to the state and swing the pendulum of public opinion in favor of funding UC. Once you become familiar with the facts cited above, there are several simple ways you can help advocate for University funding. These include:

  • Write letters to state leaders and/or letters to the editor and op-eds for local newspapers. There are sample letters on the UC for California website.  
  • Support the Stand up for UC campaign by “liking” the UC for California Facebook page. Faculty can add comments to videos or upload their own videos discussing why UC is important to California. You can view some of the videos here.  
  • Appear at Senate Budget Committee hearings, sign up for a turn at the mic, and talk about your work as an educator and researcher and the consequences of an all-cuts budget.