Notice, February 1997

Members Picked for Senate's
Task Force on Governance

Membership has nearly been finalized for the statewide Academic Senate's Task Force on Governance, which this year will undertake an extensive review of the Senate's operations and finances, and the role it plays in UC's system of shared governance.

Approved in November by Academic Council, the task force is being divided into three panels. The first, on Senate structure and procedures, is to examine the degree to which the Senate's current structure "impedes or enhances its work." A second panel, on shared governance, will examine the steps the Senate can take to "build working relationships with both the Administration and the Regents within the framework of shared governance." A third panel, on resources, will look at the responsibilities of both statewide and campus Senate offices and the resources they have to carry out their duties.

The members of these three panels will include not only Senate members and Senate staff, but "consultants" drawn from the UC administration and the UC Board of Regents. The membership of the panels is as follows.

Panel 1, Senate Structure and Procedures. Faculty: Fred Balderston, Berkeley; Daniel Simmons, Davis; Eric Stanbridge, Irvine; Ronald Rogowski, Los Angeles; Carlton Bovell, Riverside; Paul K.L. Yu, San Diego; and Sara Fenstermaker, Santa Barbara. Consultants: Karl Pister, UCOP; and Regents Meredith Khachigian and Peter Preuss. Analytical Staff: David Krogh, Academic Council.

Panel 2, Shared Governance. Faculty: Robert Holub, Berkeley; Vickie Mays, Los Angeles; Elizabeth Lord, Riverside; Nicholas Spitzer, San Diego; and Lawrence Pitts, San Francisco. Consultants: Jud King, UCOP; and Regents John Davies and Howard Leach. Analytical Staff: John Douglass, UCSB Senate.

Panel 3, Resources. Faculty: John Quigley, Berkeley; Dwight Read, Los Angeles; and Catherine Soussloff, Santa Cruz. Consultants: Larry Hershman, UCOP; and Regent Roy Brophy. Analytical Staff: Jane Carey, Academic Council; and two divisional Senate office directors to be named.

Academic Council Chair Duncan Mellichamp and Council Vice-Chair Sandra Weiss will chair the task force and will serve on all three of its panels.