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Stanislav Segert


Stanislav Segert

Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Emeritus

Los Angeles

1921 – 2005

Professor Emeritus Stanislav Segert passed away on September 30 at age 84 after a short hospitalization. He was professor of Northwest Semitic Languages in the NELC department from 1969 until his retirement in 1991.

Segert was perhaps best known for his textbook Basic Grammar of the Ugaritic Language (1984), but he also wrote a fundamental Grammar of Phoenician and Punic (1976) as well as the best Old Aramaic grammar, Altaramäische Grammatik (1975). Besides these works he wrote hundreds of articles on aspects of Hebrew, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and aspects of Ugaritic studies. Segert will be remembered not only as a scholar of uncommon distinction, but also a gentleman of uncommon kindness.

For further biographical details and bibliography, see the Festschrift Sopher Mahir: Northwest Semitic Studies Presented to Stanislav Segert (Eisenbrauns, 1990).


William Schniedewind