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Bruce McCurdy

Professor Emeritus of Art Studio

Santa Barbara




Bruce McCurdy would stand at his second story office window, his eyes would be on the students, and he would wistfully talk about the generation of students he met, talked to, and mentored. Roles on committees, chair, and community, all fade into memory. What does remain is his inspiration. Always calm and reasoned, Bruce was understated eloquence.


Currently, the Art Department at Santa Barbara is a thriving, dynamic and exciting program. As with any department, it experienced changes and growth in manners that were never quite foreseen. In his 30 years in the department, Bruce was always seen as the calm, thoughtful and moral voice. Never with anger, never with outburst, Bruce assisted his colleagues to grow in the same manner as he guided his students.


When we found a small amount of funds to wall and finish a student gallery, McCurdy would work after classes and on weekends, to hammer, drywall, tape and paint. He never asked for help, but others joined by his example.


Without question, he is missed by his wife Beverly, daughters Ellen, Meredith and Kate, but as an institution we also miss the dry humor, the artistic ability and the forceful grace of Bruce McCurdy. There is a glimmer by the window where he stood.



Richard Ross