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John E. Flocken

Professor of Dentistry, Emeritus

Los Angeles



John E. Flocken earned his D.M.D. at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1942 and fully embraced lifelong learning by taking courses in such areas as complete and partial prosthodontics, general anesthesia and minor surgery. Interestingly, he studied at the U.S. Army Chemical Corps School on the “Medical Aspects of Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare” in 1950, foreshadowing a future of medical vigilance for terrorist events. He served in the Navy for six years and was Senior Dental Officer and Prosthetic Dental Officer after World War II on the USS MARKAB during anchorage in the Philippines, Japan and China.

John was one of the original faculty members at the School of Dentistry, appointed on July 1, 1964, and he was the founding professor and chair of the Fixed Prosthodontics Division from 1964 to 1968. He was known as an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, inviting students to his home for social events. He served on every academic committee in the School throughout his lengthy career. He held memberships in numerous professional associations and was frequently honored for his contributions. John retired on July 1, 1989. He will be remembered for his commitment to his profession and his patients as well as his dedication to the School.


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