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Oliver Johnson Award for Distinguished Leadership in the Academic Senate

2016 Recipients:

Professor Robert Anderson is an Emeritus Professor of Economics and Mathematics and Coleman Fung Professor Emeritus of Risk Management at UC Berkeley. Professor Anderson’s years of leadership and numerous contributions to the Berkeley division and the systemwide Senate, exemplify the highest qualities associated with the Oliver Johnson Award. In particular, Professor Anderson’s contributions to faculty welfare throughout the UC system are many and profound. In the early 1990s, he distinguished himself as an especially effective leader in the effort to extend UC’s health and retirement benefits to same-sex domestic partners—an effort which was ultimately successful. Professor Anderson’s sustained focus on this issue is a testament to his commitment to maintaining the University’s high standards of fairness and equity, ensuring that it attracts, retains, and rewards the finest faculty and staff.

In 2002, Professor Anderson was called upon to chair the systemwide Task Force on Investments and Retirement (TFIR). He provided steady leadership and a deep understanding of the issues related to the UC pension and retirement system. During his term as chair, TFIR took the lead in advocating for measures to strengthen the UC Retirement System, explaining the importance of, and justification for a resumption of employee and employer contributions. In 2011, Professor Anderson was elected to serve as the chair of the Academic Senate. He provided steady, thoughtful leadership as the Senate grappled with issues ranging from the expansion of online education to an examination of police responses to protests on UC campuses.

Professor Anderson also has a rich record of service to the Berkeley Division. One important assignment is the nine-year term he served as divisional parliamentarian. In that capacity, Professor Anderson helped the division navigate a number of challenging issues and meetings, always working to ensure the integrity of Senate processes. In 2009, he received the Berkeley Faculty Service Award, which recognizes and honors outstanding and dedicated service to the Berkeley campus.


Professor Katja Lindenberg is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and holds a Chancellor’s Associate Chair at UC San Diego. She is an internationally regarded scientist, educator, mentor, and exemplary participant in divisional and systemwide faculty senate committees. She has established herself as a major campus leader with a long record of service over her 46 year career, and is regularly consulted on a wide array of issues. Her list of activities at UCSD and systemwide is extensive and includes serving on key task forces, working on critical gender issues, establishing new policies, and serving on search committees for top administrative leaders.

Divisionally, it is challenging to summarize all of her activities. Professor Lindenberg is one of only three (and was the first) female Academic Senate Chairs in the history of the San Diego Division. She has served on virtually every standing committee including the Committee on Academic Personnel (two three-year terms including one year as Chair) and the Committee on Committees (two two-year terms, including one year as Chair). Professor Lindenberg currently serves as Chair of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure, a position she also held some years ago. In addition, she served as co-Chair of the Gender Equity Committee, as Chair of the Faculty Rewards Task Force, and as a member of the Gender Equity Summit Planning Committee.

Systemwide, it is again difficult to summarize the extent of Professor Lindenberg's contributions. One contribution that is a testament to her reputation as a leader in the UC system is being chosen to serve on search committees for three UC Presidents — Robert Dynes, Mark Yudof, and Janet Napolitano. She also served on the search committee for one UCSD Chancellor (Khosla) and on review committees for two UC Chancellors. Professor Lindenberg served on and chaired the UC Committee on Academic Personnel, and helped reinvigorate the UC MEXUS program and served on the committee that hired the current Director. She was also a member on the Academic Senate Task Force committee that helped found UC Merced.

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