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In Memoriam

Online Biographies of UC Faculty and Administrators

Colleagues, Friends, and Family Members:

The In Memoriam is an Academic Senate publication produced by its faculty to honor deceased colleagues. It is our hope that these memorials will serve as fitting tributes to those departed friends, who served the University of California so well.

The systemwide Senate has published memorials on its website since 2002. Many memorials for the years 1928-2001 can be found at the University of California History Digital Archives. Users may also search there by name and/or campus.


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Name Birth Death Campus Title
Wagner, Edward Knapp
1940 2006 UC Irvine Professor of Virology
Wakeman, Frederic E.
1937 2006 UC Berkeley Haas Professor of Asian Studies
Professor of History
Walford, Roy
1924 2004 UC Los Angeles Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Walker, Boyd W.
1917 2001 UC Los Angeles Professor of Zoology-Fisheries, Emeritus
Waltz, Kenneth N.
1924 2013 UC Berkeley Professor of Political Science, Emeritus
Ward, Donald J.
1930 2004 UC Los Angeles Professor of German and Folklore
Warner, Robert Collett
1913 2005 UC Irvine Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Wasserman, Harry A.
1921 2004 UC Los Angeles Professor of Social Welfare
Webb, A. Dinsmoor
1917 2003 UC Davis Professor of Enology, Emeritus
Webber, Melvin M.
1920 2006 UC Berkeley Professor of City & Regional Planning
Weber, Eugen
1925 2007 UC Los Angeles Former Dean of the College of Letters and Sci
Professor of History
Webster, Grady
1927 2005 UC Davis Professor of Plant Biology
Wehausen, John V.
1913 2005 UC Berkeley Professor of Engineering Science
Wehrle, Paul Francis
1921 2004 UC Irvine Professor of Pediatrics
Weil, Marvin M.D.
1924 2005 UC Los Angeles Professor of Pediatrics
Weiner, Herbert
1921 2002 UC Los Angeles Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Weinmann, Clarence J.
1925 2013 UC Berkeley Professor of Parasitology, Emeritus
Weisinger, Kenneth Dean
1942 2003 UC Berkeley Professor of German and Comparative Literature
Weiss, Donn
1928 1998 UC Los Angeles Senior Lecturer in Music
Weiss, Lionel Edward
1927 2006 UC Berkeley Professor of Geology
Wensel, Lee C.
1940 2011 UC Berkeley Professor of Forestry, Emeritus
Wessel, David L.
1942 2014 UC Berkeley Professor of Music
Wheeler, Henry Orson
1924 2001 UC San Diego Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Wheeler, John T.
1921 2013 UC Berkeley Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus
Whinnery, John R.
1916 2009 UC Berkeley University Professor, Emeritus
White, Aaronette M.
1961 2012 UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor of Psychology
Social Sciences Associate Dean of Equity and Social Responsibility
White, Barbara Y.
1949 2014 UC Berkeley Professor, Graduate School of Education
White, Doris L.
1928 2006 UC Berkeley Supervisor of Physical Education
Whitford, Albert E.
1905 2002 UC Santa Cruz Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Wickens, Thomas Dow
1942 2012 UC Berkeley Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
Wikler, Norma
1942 2002 UC Santa Cruz Professor of Sociology
Wilbur, Terence H.
1924 2000 UC Los Angeles Professor of Germanic Languages, Emeritus
Wildman, Samuel Goodnow
1912 2004 UC Los Angeles Professor of Biology
Wilensky, Harold L.
1923 2011 UC Berkeley Professor of Political Science, Emeritus
Wilensky, Robert
1951 2013 UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Wilke, Charles R.
1917 2003 UC Berkeley Professor of Chemical Engineering
Williams, Bernard A.O.
1929 2003 UC Berkeley Monroe Deutsch Professor of Philosophy
Williams, Robin M.
1914 2006 UC Irvine Distinguished Visiting Professor of Sociology
Williamson, Robert Brady
1933 2007 UC Berkeley Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wilson, Kent R.
1937 2002 UC San Diego Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wilson, Patrick
1927 2003 UC Berkeley Professor in the School of Information Management and Systems
Wiltse, Kermit
1915 2009 UC Berkeley Professor of Social Welfare, Emeritus
Winer, Jeffery Allan
1945 2008 UC Berkeley Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology
Withers, Rodney H.
1932 2015 UC Los Angeles Professor of Radiation Oncology
Wolf, George
1922 2014 UC Berkeley Adjunct Professor of Nutrition, Emeritus
Wollheim, Richard
1923 2003 UC Berkeley Professor of Philosophy
Wong, Melvin
1938 2003 UC Santa Cruz Dance Professor, Department of Theater Arts
Wood, David K.C
1925 2002 UC Berkeley Professor of Dance
Woodbridge, Benjamin Mather
1915 2007 UC Berkeley Professor of Portuguese
Woodress, James L.
1916 2011 UC Davis Professor of English, Emeritus
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